C# 8.0 Features | New Features In C# 8.0

C# programming language is the most popular because every release makes the job easier. From past two decades, it has released seven versions now came up with c# 8.0. Let’s see C# 8.0 features.

New Features In C# 8.0 | C# 8.0 Features

  1. Default Implementation for Interfaces.
  2. Light Weight Classes.
  3. Nullable Types.

Default Implementation for Interfaces in C# 8.0

Default implementation for an interface is an exciting feature in C# 8.0. Until 7.0, we could only see interfaces only with abstract methods but now in .NET framework 8.0 added a default implementation for interface methods.

Using default implementation for interface has made drastic changes in development life cycle.

The default implementation of interfaces will provide a most powerful way to extend the classes that implement interfaces.